Diary of a Dream Interpreter
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Welcome to my website!
I'm Dan Gollub, author of Diary of a Dream Interpreter: a memoir.

About the Author
Dan Gollub works as a psychologist in Kansas. He is a member of MENSA, an organization for people with high IQs.

About my latest book, Diary of a Dream Interpreter: a memoir

When author Dan Gollub discovers a new approach to interpreting dreams, it appears valid, easy to use, and of immense practical benefit. He publishes several articles about his discovery, which to his surprise and dismay do not attract any attention. How can he spread the word? Can he acquire fame for his dream interpretation theories by becoming a rock star or a bull rider? Not likely.

Instead, Gollub decides to lay the groundwork for the acceptance of his dream interpretation approach by making intellectual discoveries that the world will value. He enrolls in biology, neuroscience, and psychology classes at universities and furthers his knowledge of the human mind. He continues working as a psychologist, initially with developmentally disabled residents at an institution, then with disturbed teenagers at a mental hospital, and finally with prisoners at a correctional facility.

Through a series of journal entries, Diary of a Dream Interpreter follows Gollub on his quest to find an audience for his dream interpretation innovations. While many entries reflect his rewarding and intense work experiences, others focus on Gollub’s belief that spirits make patient, gentle efforts to help him. Diary of a Dream Interpreter reveals the ups and downs of a man determined to bring his newly acquired knowledge to the world.